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Sacramento Native American Health Center Receives Kaiser Permanente Grant for Data-Driven Stroke and Heart Attack Prevention

Sacramento, California –December 15, 2016

The Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC), a community health nonprofit at 2020 J Street in Sacramento, was awarded $150,000 by Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Grants Program this week. The grant, which will be spread over three years, will strengthen SNAHC’s ability to gather, report, and use data to drive evidence-based standards of care to help prevent and manage cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions.

Preventing cardiovascular disease includes addressing blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, smoking, exercise, and depression.

Safety net organizations like SNAHC meet the healthcare needs of people who cannot otherwise get the medical care they need.

“We focus on helping people in our community live long, healthy lives,” said Britta Guerrero, CEO of Sacramento Native American Health Center. “Many of our patients have complex, chronic health conditions, so we gather and use health data to help us see what works best. That’s what evidence-based standards are about, and this grant will strengthen our ability to gather, report, and use this data for everyone’s benefit.”

The Sacramento Native American Health Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Federally Qualified Health Center that enhances the quality of life of local low-income people by providing a culturally competent, holistic, and patient-centered continuum of excellent care. There are no tribal or ethnic requirements to

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receive care. For more information on SNAHC, visit, or call 916-341-0575 for an appointment.

Kaiser Permanente’s community involvement pairs grant funding with 65 years of clinical expertise, medical research, and volunteerism to support prevention-focused, evidence-based programs that are expanding access to care and creating healthy environments. Kaiser Permanente’s grant to the Sacramento Native American Health Center will help more people in this region get access to the resources they need to lead healthy lives. For more information about Kaiser Permanente’s work in the community, visit

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