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Behaviorial Health

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We seek to support the total wellness of our patients by providing collaborative care as a part of an integrated health care environment. As the health center continues to grow, the services that we provide evolve to be inclusive of prevention and early intervention, treatment and aftercare, which are the foundation of best practice models in community health. SNAHC has been leading the way in integrating behavioral and primary care services to patients of all ages.

Our Behavioral Health Department comprised of three service categories:

  • Integrated Care
  • Counseling & Treatment
  • Recovery


At Sacramento Native American Health Center, we aim to create a compassionate space where you can open up, explore possibilities for change, and take steps to recover and heal. The BH team is made up of expert listeners who uphold a trauma-informed approach to care. Our mission is to support you and your family in achieving optimal health, safety, and wellness. We are committed to getting results by providing holistic, coordinated, and culturally responsive services and programs.

To make an appointment with a member of the Behavioral Health Department, please call 916-341-0575.

Integrated Care

The Integrated Care service category involves providing same-day consultation and crisis intervention for patients in their medical or dental appointments. You can request an IBH consultation while you are here at SNAHC for your medical or dental appointment. Consultations are confidential and last from 5-20 minutes. Our Integrated Behavioral Health Provider specializes in:

  • Working with patients and providers to determine behavioral health and social needs
  • Educating patients about behavioral health (mental health, therapy, drug and alcohol treatment, etc),
  • Ensuring that the patient leaves with a greater understanding of how SNAHC can assist in their healing and recovery.
  • Making targeted referrals to specific providers to match patient needs with provider specialties

Counseling & Treatment

The Counseling & Treatment service category include two types of one-on-one counseling/group therapy, mental health counseling (often called therapy or psychotherapy) provided by Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs) and Associate Clinical Social Workers (ACSWs), and Substance Abuse Counseling provided by Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADCs). While the purpose and specific approaches may vary, the overall goal is the same: to support you in your ability to manage stress and to build and maintain health coping skills.

Mental Health Counseling

Substance Use Disorder Counseling (no waitlist)

Drug and Alcohol Counseling

To request counseling services please consult with your primary care provider or call the main line at (916) 341-0575.


The Recovery Service Category includes various groups and classes, including Red Road / White Bison Recovery Group, Healing Our People through Education (Drug and Alcohol structured curriculum), Anger Management, Parenting, Batterer’s Intervention, Culture is Prevention*, Two-Spirit talking circle*, and Yoga for Wellness*. Unless otherwise noted, group attendance requires an orientation appointment. For more details and days/times, please see our calendar. We are committed to getting results by providing a “person-centered” holistic, coordinated, and culturally responsive services and programs.

*Open to the community. Does not require registration.



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