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Podiatry Services

A podiatrist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats conditions of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg. If you are diabetic, you should see a podiatrist as part of your health routine. And if you experience foot pain or problems such as bunions, ulcers or foot fungus, our podiatrist can help.
Please talk to your primary care provider about a referral to a Podiatrist.

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic was first developed in the 1890s, and it works by restoring the normal and healthy functioning of your central nervous system by adjusting the spine. The term “chiropractic” originates with the Greek words “chiro” and “praktikos,” which mean “hand” and “practice.” Our Chiropractor uses natural, hands-on adjustment/manipulation of the spine to treat various conditions that does not involve risky drugs or surgery.
A Chiropractor provides our Health Home patients with treatments for many conditions including but not limited to Chronic General Pain, Dizziness, Headache, Jaw Pain, Neck Pain, Back Pain and Shoulder Pain and many other conditions, resulting in an increase in the patient’s general health and wellness. Ask your primary care provider about a referral for Chiropractic services

Transgender Care and Hormone Therapy

The Native community recognizes and honors LGBTQ people as “Two Spirit,” and it is part of SNAHC’s tradition to be a welcoming environment for all sexual orientations and gender identities. SNAHC provides excellent, comprehensive health care for transgender patients at all stages of transition. SNAHC realizes that the total care of gender-expansive patients is not dependent upon just good medical care, but the need to create a “safe harbor” by creating an understanding and welcoming environment.
As a member of our Health Home, you will receive primary care from your provider, along with easy access to Dental, Behavioral Health, and Vision services with culturally competent and sensitive teams. For transgender patients, our support teams can assist in accessing advocacy services, and provide support and preparation for those seeking hormone therapy or surgery resources. Call (916) 341-0575 to schedule an appointment with your primary care provider.

Diabetes Living Well

Diabetes Living Well is a program of monthly educational classes that meet in person and focus on healthy ways to live while managing diabetes. Participants gain information, support, and encouragement as they learn about topics related to healthy diet, exercise, medications, blood sugar management, preventative screenings, and ways to live your best life! Topics rotate each month, and guest speakers include experts in the field of diabetes management, optometry, dentistry, nutrition, exercise, and navigating healthcare with diabetes. Grocery store and Farmers’ Market tours are also arranged twice per year. A healthy lunch or snack is provided at each class, but bring your own water. Classes are open patients, community members, and family members. Classes are held off-site but close to SNAHC’s Midtown location (2020 J Street, Sacramento CA 95811). Pre-registration is required for all classes. For more information or to register, please contact Brian Shaw,, (916) 341-0575 x 2258.

Suboxone Treatment Program

Suboxone is an oral medication that contains Buprenorphine and Naltrexone. Providers with special training and licenses can prescribe Suboxone in an office-based setting to clients who are dependent or addicted to opioids such as Hydrocodone, Heroin, or Methadone. Suboxone is an effective medication for opioid addiction that allows clients to transition off more harmful opioids and focus on improving their lives and health. Buprenorphine (which is in Suboxone) has the ability to reduce drug cravings, drug dreams, and drug withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, nausea and stomach pain, sweating and general overall withdrawal agitation. Patients can be maintained on Suboxone for months or go through a brief detoxification period of a few weeks. Overall patients feel that being tapered off Suboxone is much easier than withdrawal from other Opioids, reducing the burden for both provider and patient. We look forward to taking this difficult journey with you, so feel free to call us for your special consultation.

SNAHC offers its Health Home patients Suboxone treatment for opioid addiction. There are three phases: Intake, Induction, and Maintenance. At Intake, you will be given a substance dependence assessment, a physical exam, and lab tests. Your primary care provider will explain the pros and cons of Suboxone, and help you decide if Suboxone is right for you. Furthermore, patients will be given instructions on how to taper their current addicting Opioid(s) off before they can start Suboxone, as well as receive special prescription medications that will assist the patient with any withdrawal effects they may occur during the tapering process. Induction begins upon returning 1-3 days after Intake, and is when Suboxone is started. You will be given Suboxone during your Induction. After your first dose of Suboxone, trained personal will monitor you during the day, and additional Suboxone will be considered depending on how you are progressing with your transition. At the end of your Induction, you will receive a outpatient prescription for Suboxone and a series of follow-up appointments to make sure your progressing safely with minimum discomfort through this difficult period. Maintenance is defined as the period of time that you continue on Suboxone. However, different patients may have different Maintenance periods which will be entirely between your prescribing provider and you.  Your provider will continue to adjust your dose as needed and help you set treatment goals and manage your sobriety.

If you are ready to consider a healthier alternative to Opioid Dependency and Addiction, please talk to your current SNAHC provider or therapist, or call (916) 341-0575 to schedule a Suboxone Consultation today.

HIV and Hepatitis C Testing and Counseling

It is easy to make HIV and Hepatitis C testing part of your health routine. SNAHC offers free walk-in rapid HIV/Hepatitis C testing and counseling Monday-Friday in the Medical Clinic. Our counselors will talk to you in a confidential and non-judgmental manner about sexual health and lowering your risk. Our rapid HIV or Hepatitis C tests do not require blood draws, and you will receive quick on-the-spot results. If your test is positive, SNAHC will work with you to connect you to the counseling and medical care you need. Please visit our Medical Office at 2020 J Street or call (916) 341-0575 to get tested today.

Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis C affects 3.5 million people in the US, costing the US an estimated $6.5 billion dollars. In 75-85% of cases Hepatitis C becomes a chronic condition, resulting in degrees of liver scarring and disease, eventually progressing to cirrhosis, liver cancer and even death. Recent advances in Hepatitis C treatments now allow patients more options for treatment and cure. In fact, there are certain situations in which the patient can obtain a Hepatitis C cure in 8 weeks. We work diligently with the patients, specialty pharmacies and staff to obtain the best, most advanced treatment regimens for your Hepatitis C cure.
SNAHC offers free walk-in rapid Hepatitis C testing and counseling. If you are discovered to have Hepatitis C, SNAHC will connect you to one of our primary care providers and behavioral health specialists to discuss your options for Hepatitis C treatment. Please call (916) 341-0575 to talk about Hepatitis C testing and possible treatment options with our providers.



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