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Rock Your Mocs: Empowering Native/Indigenous Identity & Heritage

Sacramento, California – November 15, 2023— Rock Your Mocs (RYM) is a week-long worldwide social media event designed to share Native and Indigenous pride. Originally set for just one day, November 15th, it has now been extended to a week giving schools and other organizations an opportunity to participate. This

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Every Child Matters: National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

Sacramento, California – September 30, 2023— Content warning! The stories in this blog may be triggering for some people.   National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, also known as Orange Shirt Day, is recognized on September 30th commemorating the over 150,000 Native American children who attended Indian Residential Schools and the

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Latinx Insights: A Journey To Understanding

Sacramento, California – September 15, 2023— Latinx Heritage Month begins on September 15th. Originally just a week-long celebration declared by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968, was later extended to a full month in 1988 by President Ronald Regan. Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador all share the

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SNAHC Responds To Medi-Cal Eligibility & Renewal Process

Sacramento, California – July 31, 2023— Historically, our communities were built on a foundation of interdependence and generosity. Our communities lived in balance with our environment and were guided by each of the four seasons to achieve sustainability (health) and feed (nurture) our people. Each changing season brought about new

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Care, Community, Culture Hits South Sacramento

Sacramento, California – July 12, 2023— The Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC) has officially opened a full-service health center at 3800 Florin Road in South Sacramento. This is the third SNAHC location including another full-service clinic on J Street in Midtown and a School-based Health Center at Grant Union

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Two Spirit & LGBTIA+ Pride

Sacramento, California – June 23, 2023—June is widely known as LGBTQ+ Pride Month (formerly known as Gay Pride). This celebration has continued to evolve over the years, adding more voices from various subcommunities within the greater Queer umbrella. For the purposes of this article, I will be using the labels

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Sacramento Native American Health Center Opens New Health Center

Sacramento, California – June 21, 2023—The Sacramento Native American Health Center. (SNAHC) received a $3 million dollar investment from Sutter Health for its second full-service health center at 3800 Florin Road in Sacramento County. SNAHC Florin Road is in the vibrant South Sacramento neighborhood and provides medical, dental, behavioral health,

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Mental Health Awareness Month

Sacramento, California – May 24,2023 – May is designated as Mental Health Awareness Month, established by The Mental Health America organization in 1949. The purpose of Mental Health Awareness Month is to shed light on the realities of mental health issues and reduce the stigmas associated with them. It’s a time

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