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Setting Family Goals for 2017

Spend more time together as a family, go outside and play, watch less TV, or try a new healthy recipe every week. Setting family goals is a positive way to start 2017 and, incorporating ways to try something new, is exciting for the whole family. Working together to set goals for the year teaches kids the importance of working toward small goals that ultimately lead to large achievements.

You can set these goals at a family meeting, on a long car ride, or during a device-free dinner, (we call it “No technology Tuesday”). Give everyone a task and make it fun! Brainstorm activities and choose three ideas that your family can accomplish together. Here at SNAHC, we have put together a few ideas for setting achievable goals for your family in the new year.

Healthy Habits

Make 2017 a year of trying new things!

  • Make better nutrition choices by planning out weekly meals or trying a new vegetable once a week.
  • Limit food portion sizes and read food labels so you and your kids know exactly how much fat, sugar, and salt they are eating in one meal. This is a good math activity too!
  • Get active! Schedule evening walks twice a week, dance during commercials and/ or join your little one by getting involved in his or her next (sport related) practice.
  • Limit TV and cell phone screen time at least 20 minutes before bed for a better night’s sleep.

Mental Health

Everyone in your family plays a role that helps to contribute to a positive home. Caring for each member’s mental health and wellness throughout the year is important. Kids can feel stress and anxiety at school, parents can become overwhelmed with work, finances and other responsibilities.

Seeing an individual or family counselor, attending a group counseling discussion, or attending a meeting to maintain sobriety are excellent first steps toward a more positive year with more tools for dealing with life’s stressors. We offer all of these services at SNAHC.

Family Check Ups

Each season brings new allergies and illness. Maintain family health year-round by getting regular health, vision and dental exams and seasonal flu shots. We offer a variety of health services for family members of all ages. With same day and Saturday appointments available, there is no need to miss school or work. Make it your goal to keep your family in good health for 2017 and beyond.

We are here to help you achieve your family’s goal of having a healthy and happy year. Call us to learn more about how our healthcare providers can help you and your family have a healthy 2017. There are no tribal requirements to visit SNAHC and everyone is welcome to receive whole person care. Walk-in and same day appointments are available and we are now accepting new patients. Visit the SNAHC website or call for an appointment today! (916) 341- 0575

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