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Diabetes Program Coordinator


J Street

Education & Training:

Bachelor of Arts, University of California Santa Barbara

Master of Public Health, Community Health Concentration, San Jose State University

Professional Interests / Specialties:

I am the offspring of a long line of teachers. Although working in the classroom isn’t the right fit for me, I do get the most fulfilment helping people understand their own health by teaching factual information and helping them integrate this information into their lives. Becoming a Health Educator has allowed me to assist others to see how knowledge of their body and their choices affect their overall health, resulting in those “a-ha” moments. I chose to enhance my career in diabetes care because it is definitely a condition that can be well managed or improved with this appreciation of how the body works. I enjoy helping people learn how to check and interpret their blood sugar readings, set up continuous glucose monitors, as well as guide how to use diabetes medications, including injectables.

Spoken Languages


Boards and Affiliations:

Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists

Professional Certifications:

Master Certified Health Education Specialist, National Commission for Health Education CredentialingCertified in Public Health, National Board of Public Health ExaminersCertified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, Certification Board for Diabetes Care and Education

Philosophy of Care:

Having been a Health Educator since the early 1990s, I see that sustained behavior change around any health issue must include four elements: Motivation to change, dedication to stick with the change, determination to see it through, and factual, reliable information to understand why and how a change is needed. I acknowledge that as a Health Educator, I am limited to the last of these: teaching accurate, evidence-based, information.

Working with patients, either one-on-one or in a group setting, means listening to each person’s concerns, answering questions honestly, and providing helpful feedback. Practicing patient-centered care means treating the person with dignity and respect, and actively involving them in decisions about their health.

People seek help from their doctor and care team to guide them on the path to better health. I consider it the highest obligation to help patients learn trustworthy information that will lead them to health improvement (not just what to do, but how to do it) while being supported, heard, and considered in health decisions.

What I love about working at SNAHC:

Working as part of a supportive, dedicated care team means everyone works at the top of their skill level and contributes their individual strengths to patient care. Every day at SNAHC I get to be part of a team whose collective purpose is to help those in need. My professional development grows as I am challenged to take on new projects and learn new skills while continuously improving my current job duties.

Working with patients, I have the time to get to know the person behind the condition and work to improve their individual diabetes circumstances. Over the years of working at SNAHC, I have grown to know some patients very well, and I love meeting new ones who are committed to improving their health. It is an honor to work with this community, in this setting, where so many place their trust and faith in getting the right care.

Photo of Diabetes Program Coordinator, Dr. Brian Shaw.


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