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Hakeem O. Adeniyi, Jr., MD


Chief Clinical Officer


J Street

Education & Training:

Board Certified in Family Medicine
Doctor of Medicine, Tufts University
UCSF Family and Community Residency, San Francisco General Hospital

Professional Interests / Specialties:

I enjoy the breadth and depth that Family Medicine allows, where I have routinely provided immediate care, child and adult primary care, and prenatal care services. I have passion for serving urban, underserved communities, and I strive to advocate and to do more to impact policies to eliminate health disparities along racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic lines. As the Medical Director, I aspire to achieve IHI’s quadruple AIM, which emphasizes working to advance the patient care experience, improving the health of the overall population, reducing health care costs, and improving care team well being. I enjoy optimizing systems and workflows to maximize efficiency and to improve communication across the healthcare system.  

Spoken Languages:

English and some Medical Spanish

Boards and Affiliations:

Board Certified in Family Medicine
American Academy of Family Practice
California Academy of Family Practice

Philosophy of Care:

Sir William Osler said it best. “The role of [clinician] is to cure sometimes, to heal often, and to comfort always,” and that is how I try to live out my professional life. We are here to serve our community with dignity and respect, and we are meant to meet our patients and their support systems where they are on the journey, helping them achieve heights that they may not have reached on their own. We get the opportunity to work with resilient groups of people who often come to us at the most trying times in their lives and trust us to help meet their needs. 

As a family physician, I hope to be person-centered and family-focused, recognizing that the people that we serve are not defined by a disease process or their temporary condition; instead, their lives are multifactorial with their health condition is but one of the components with which they must deal each day. I am here to be their advocate when they feel powerless, and the cheerleader when they need encouragement. If at the end of the day, I have done this, I have accomplished what I have been called to do.

What I love about working at SNAHC:

It is truly a blessing to work in the heart of the state capital, caring for such a diverse population, growing with such a dynamic and passionate group of people. SNAHC shows that you can meet the needs of those native to the land while simultaneously providing high-quality to the ever-changing community. SNAHC’s leadership team, made up of the Executive Team and Board of Directors, understands the impact of social determinants of health on the commnunity and works tirelessly to move upstream to combat the issues of which our patients can sometimes have little control. The recognition that the whole person must be cared for is integral to the mission and the vision and is addressed at every turn. To paraphrase a great comic book quote, ‘with great power comes great responsibility.,’ and I know that SNAHC is up for the challenge.


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