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Aaron Cleveland, MD


Associate Medical Director


Florin Road

Education & Training:

American Academy of HIV Specialist

Master of Business Administration (MBA) UC Davis Family Residency

UC Santa Cruz, Major in Clinical Psychology and Minor in Music

Professional Interests / Specialties:

I have spent the last 20+ years enjoying the practice of medicine. Family Medicine offers the opportunity to practice many different specialties. I have always enjoyed practicing and serving patients in underserved and native communities. I currently practice in several specialties including Primary Care Psychiatry, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Cirrhosis, Addiction, and Transgender Medicine. I also enjoy speaking for Gilead’s Hepatic Division on Hepatitis C. I find that taking care of patients who have a diverse collection of conditions allows me to help reduce cost and outside referrals, but more importantly, optimizes the care of the patient. My business degree allows me to help navigate and design systems, understand how “things work,” and more fully contribute to the business aspects of this wonderful organization.

Spoken Languages:

English and some Medical Spanish

Boards and Affiliations:

Board Certified in Family Medicine Board Certified in Prevention Medicine (Addiction)

Member of the American Academy of HIV Specialist

Member of the American Academy of Family Medicine

Philosophy of Care:

My philosophy of care is to primarily serve patients in a way that brings them closer to a better quality of life. Serving one’s community includes serving those individuals who make up that community in a way that is complete, respectful, and empathetic. I feel that connecting with patients and staff is key in supporting all patients and providing some comfort in this journey that the patient and I will take together. I am always hopeful that no matter what condition or specialty is being addressed in the end, it brings that patient closer to having a greater quality of life and improved health in which to enjoy their future.

What I love about working at SNAHC:

I have always found SNAHC to be not only an excellent patient care center but also a place where patients can call their Health Home. From 2015 to today, I have always been grateful to be able to work for a company that truly cares about its employees, patients, and community. SNAHC’s Leadership Team and Board of Directors have always had a special mission to provide the most ideal Patient-Centered Health Home for the community. They are truly supportive of their staff and providers, connecting to not only employees but the community. It is a privilege to work for a company that focuses on giving and supporting all Health Home members and those who are fortunate enough to be part of this amazing family.

Doctor Aaron Cleveland, Associate Medical Director


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