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Social Distancing, While Staying In Touch

While healthcare providers, government agencies, and health centers like SNAHC are encouraging our communities to practice social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, it’s important to stay connected with your friends and family. Socializing is a core part of human nature, and it’s vital that while there may be

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Finding the Right Birth Control

SNAHC is proud to offer confidential reproductive health services, including a variety of Birth Control methods. So how do you know which form of birth control is right for you? Let’s start with one of the most common methods, the pill. According to the CDC, the pill is over 99%

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

Important information from SNAHC Medical Director, Dr. Hakeem Adeniyi: Hello SNAHC Community, As many of you are now aware, there has been a confirmed case of 2019 novel Coronavirus, now called COVID-19, in California. The patient is from Solano County and is currently being treated at UC Davis in Sacramento.

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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Native Americans have been struggling with eating disorders for decades, but it has gone unseen and unheard in a community that already has multiple health epidemics. That is why this week, February 24 to March 1, 2020, SNAHC is promoting National Eating Disorders Awareness Week – a week spreading awareness

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National Condom Week is Coming Up

It’s no coincidence that National Condom Week falls on the holiday of love! If you’re considering getting intimate with your Valentine this week, be sure to stay safe! When it comes to barrier methods, external condoms are by far the most popular and accessible—but they aren’t the only option! While

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Cervical Health

January is Cervical Health Awareness month, which should serve as a reminder to all those with a cervix to take the steps necessary to maintain good cervical health. First, let’s refresh by addressing a few common questions: What is a cervix? The cervix is a canal that connects the uterus

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Open Clinical Positions

We are looking for mission-driven, enthusiastic individuals to fill our open clinical positions in our behavioral health, medical, and dental departments. We have the following positions currently open: Associate Clinical Social Worker Licensed Clinical Social Worker Dental Assistant Dentist Family Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Physician – Family Practice We

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Dr. Maureen Wimsatt joins SNAHC as new Development Director

Sacramento, California – December 13, 2019 – Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC) is excited to welcome Dr. Maureen Wimsatt as the new Development Director. Dr. Wimsatt has a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from the University of Maryland, a Master of Social Work degree from Eastern Washington University, and

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Dr. Hakeem Adeniyi Joins SNAHC as the New Medical Director

Sacramento, California – October 7, 2019 – Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC) is excited to welcome Dr. Hakeem Adeniyi as the new Medical Director. Dr. Adeniyi is Board Certified in Family Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from Tufts University. Following medical school, Dr. Adeniyi completed the

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